5 Tips for Cafe Plants

5 Tips for Cafe Plants

We know, being a plant parent is hard. Particularly during these winter months when your cafe isn't getting much sunlight, you're away, or it's just so damn cold. 

So here are our top 5 tips for keeping those plants not just surviving, but ✨ thriving ✨ 

1. Don’t over water - less is more! Overwatering is the biggest killer of house plants. Make sure the soil is completely dry to the touch before giving them a good soak.

2. Trim sad leaves - a few browning or crispy leaves are normal but they're taking energy from your plant. Trim them off!

3. Hang your plants - hang 'em from the ceiling to maximise small cafe spaces and limited window space, let them breathe!

4. Add coffee grounds to the soil - sprinkling a small amount of used coffee grounds is a great fertiliser to strengthen your plants.

5. Keep in the sunniest spot - especially during darker, shorter days, your plants need as much sun as they can get (and so do we!).

Still after some more plant tips and inspiration? Here are some of our favourite Instagram accounts to follow for regular updates - the real plant pros! 


We wish you (and your plants) all the very best this year 🌱🌱

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