a decent conversation with Bun and Coffee.

a decent conversation with Bun and Coffee.

Bun and Coffee in Málaga are decent, and serving up some of the best coffee and donuts in town. 

With a huge focus on sustainability, owner/operators Monika and Javier are on a mission to inspire more conscious consumption. We chatted to them about how they do this, the secret behind their donut treats, plus they share all the best things to do on a weekend in beautiful Málaga.

Hey! So what’s your background in hospitality/coffee, and how did Bun and Coffee begin? 

Hello dear ones! Thank you so much for granting us this conversation, it makes us very happy :) The truth is that we started with a strong interest in coffee and always had a direct relationship with hospitality, in the city where we live - Málaga. Bun and Coffee was born out of the need to create a gastronomic leisure event once a week during the pandemic. Our star product was the artisan vegan donut and its perfect companion - specialty coffee roasted here in Málaga. This turned out to be very successful, and allowed us to play with the dough a lot, as well as try flavours beyond what we usually see in traditional bakeries.

What makes your donuts so special? 

We are pastry lovers, and from day one we put a lot of focus on the dough. Our donut has a unique texture, it is  fluffy, soft, and delicate. With industrial production focused on accelerating processes for mass production, it is difficult to find even artisan bakeries that focus on quality. We set out to elevate a very popular product that would allow us to reclaim craftsmanship, quality, freshness, and also not contain any animal products within. 

What does sustainability mean to you? 

Taking care of sustainability is everyone's responsibility, and for us, it is one of the fundamental pillars of our values. Our main product is plant-based because of sustainability. We are not oriented only to conscious people, but above all our goal is to raise awareness among those who may not know what animal product consumption does to our climate, and inspire more responsible consumption. We also adjust our production daily so as not to have excess product. If everything is sold out, we close the shop. 

A large part of our product is consumed on the go, so all take away packaging is sustainable, plastic-free, and biodegradable. The premises are designed with environmentally responsible materials, for example, our countertops and tables are made from recycled packaging plastic. We also incorporate furniture made from fibre panels, which is another way to reuse waste.

For someone spending a weekend in Málaga, what are some must-see sights or places to visit? 

We love our city - it’s vibrant, and has changed a lot in the past few years. The first thing I would recommend is to take a walk through the historic center, just wander around taking in the atmosphere and nice warm weather. You should definitely go to the Alcazaba castle , the cathedral, and the surrounding areas, as well as the Paseo del Parque - which is a big park in the middle of the city centre. It is essential to go up to Gibralfaro mountain, see its viewpoint, and visit the surroundings of the lighthouse - La Farola. Then the Lagunillas neighbourhood, as an alternative neighbourhood, and the residential part of El Limonar, where there is colonial architecture, a beautiful environment away from the tourist route.

What’s your favourite thing about working in hospitality? 

The best thing is the human contact and the opportunity to meet a lot of different people, it is very enriching. 

How do you like to spend your time on a day off? 

On our days off we like to do simple things like baking bread, brewing coffee at home, and enjoying some family time.

What’s next for Bun and Coffee? 

We are constantly developing and improving, which is very motivating and exciting. We received some proposals at the beginning of the year and may have new points of sale soon :) We are even thinking about adding new products to our menu!

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