a decent conversation with LÂM.

a decent conversation with LÂM.

LÂM Bakery are bringing their gorgeous flavours of the Middle East to the Paris pastry scene.
We chatted with Abdualltef, owner, baker and cake-maker at LÂM about why he decided to switch
up the traditional French pastries, and the role he has to play in sustainability.

Hey Abdualltef! Tell us, what inspired you to start LÂM ?

After working in the industry for some time, I felt it was time for me to put my creativity to the challenge and create something that is my own, that will give me the freedom to do what I love, in the city that I love.

Paris is obviously well-known for its delicious pastries. What makes LÂM different from other bakeries in Paris?

The combination of Middle Eastern, French and American influences, is what gives LÂM its distinct presence in the Paris pastry scene. 

We love that you use decent packaging! Why is it important to you to use sustainable, compostable packaging? 

I feel we all need to have a role in keeping our planet green, and as a business owner I know that role is bigger as I have the ability to make a bigger impact. I also try to talk to people about the packaging I’m using, using LÂM as a platform for sustainability.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I start at 6am taking all of the proofed pastries and baking them. Then it’s kitchen rush and getting everything ready for the day. Once it’s opening hour, I’m going back and forth between the kitchen and front of house. 

What are your favourite things to do in Paris in the winter months?

Christmas markets, cosy dinners and Sunday art markets.

All of your baking looks absolutely delicious. What’s your most popular item on the menu?

The black lemon buns.

What’s next for LÂM?

Hopefully London and Milan!

Check out LÂM on Instagram here.

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