Made from Plants

We are living in the future. The practical use of waste products, the ability to isolate starch molecules, and sustainable agriculture have transformed disposable food packaging into an industry beyond oil. Everything we make at decent we can unmake; everything is simply made from plants.

From production to disposal, plant products are kind to the environment; they fit in with the circle of natural life. Oil based plastic products are the opposite. Sourcing oil is dangerous - oil spills, super toxic refineries, and a long history of unethical business practice afflicts the fossil fuel industry. In the face of climate change happening now, decent will not contribute to demand for oil. Globally we have to quit fossil fuels, and our contribution is making packaging from plants instead.


PLA (Poly Lactic Acid). PLA molecules are derived from corn sugars instead of fossil fuels. PLA can break down fully, back into organic molecules.

CPLA is the crystallised form of PLA; its heat tolerant cousin which maintains the same ability to compost fully but is opaque instead of clear, and a bit more hardy.

FSC grown or Recycled Paper - Paper is fantastic, but not all trees are grown equal! The Forest Stewardship Council ensures forests are responsibly grown, leaving positive environmental and social impacts. decent only uses FSC or recycled paper, this paper can then be recycled again and again or composted too.

Plant based and non toxic inks, dyes and glues - Plant products know no bounds, all our inks are soy based and the adhesives we use are made from plants too. We also whiten paper products without bleach - using non toxic oxidation.

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