A sip in the right direction, these little suckers are a great alternative to plastic straws for your drinks. Available in black or white and in 6mm or 10mm diameter.

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Cardboard Range

Our cardboard range is made from FSC Paper, lined with PLA and is both compostable and recyclable. We offer boxes, trays and clams in a variety of sizes.

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decent packaging Napkins are free of bleach, inks and dyes, leaving them certified home and commercially compostable. Available in dinner, snack or cocktail variants.

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Perfect for holding takeaway drinks like coffee, smoothies and more. decent Carrier Trays are sustainable and compostable, made using cardboard or fibre.

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Fibre Range

Bagasse is the material which makes our Fibre range, officially the waste from sugarcane production. Using only heat and water in production, these materials are super sustainable, perfect for hot and cold foods and certified home compostable. We offer a variety of dishes, plates, clams and bowls.

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decent packaging spoons, knives, forks and stirrers are a great sustainable cutlery option. Our cutlery is made from birchwood and commercially compostable, meaning they will break down into carbon dioxide, water, and organic matter when in a compost.

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Sourdough, pastries, sandwiches - you name it, we can carry it. Handle or no handle, big or small and made from recyclable paper. Let us help you carry that.

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Made from responsibly sourced paper, our Soup Bowls are heat-proof, compostable and look good. Available in 8oz, 12oz or 16oz sizes - and with lids to match!

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Coffee Bags

decent Coffee Bags are certified home and commercially compostable. They come with a valve and zipper to lock in coffee freshness and are ready to be dressed in custom branded stickers!

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Are we missing anything?

At decent we want your brand to stand out. We'll make sure your food and drinks are walking out the door looking hot, staying hot. We pride ourselves on good design and a high quality product. Get in contact, we'd love to make it work.