Get to know... Rosslyn Coffee

Get to know... Rosslyn Coffee

As part of getting to know our neighbourhood, we caught up with London residents, James and Mat from Rosslyn Coffee for a quick Q&A chat. More so than ever does community and collaboration play a part in the hospitality industry, and what better way to encourage locals to support locals in 2020, than for everyone to get to know each other a little better.

We're proud to collaborate with Rosslyn in producing their coffee cups, providing plant-based packaging alternatives where needed, and working together to promote a circular economy with our Full Package composting service. 


Hey team, could you give us an overview of Rosslyn? 

We believe in doing the simple things well and paying attention to every detail at Rosslyn. Our cafe is a coming together of hospitality styles from both Ireland and Australia, the homes of our founders James and Mat. “All the attention to detail and high standards of an Australian Cafe combined with the warmth and community of an Irish Pub brought together in a way that best serves modern day London.”

How would you describe Rosslyn in three words?

Attention to detail 

Most popular dish/drink on your menu?

Flat white 

What's your current local favourite to visit?

Esters in Stoke Newington is hard to beat!

What inspires you in the sustainability space?

We strive to ensure that our business is as sustainable as possible. While our small size might mean that we are limited in terms of the overall effect we can have…..we can at least ensure that we are not part of the problem. Last year we saved over 13,000 plastic bottles and 4,500 coffee bags from landfill with our systems. We are very proud of our partnership with Decent which ensures that the single use cups which are necessary for our business to operate, are fully compostable. We have specific bins in our shop so that our guests can dispose of these cups and be assured that they will be broken down.

Rosslyn Coffee


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