Your guide to the great outdoors: UK Outdoor Dining Spots

Your guide to the great outdoors: UK Outdoor Dining Spots

After a looong wait, it’s (finally) time to head into the great outdoors and enjoy the sunshine!  We’re lucky enough to work with some of the best hospitality joints in the business, so, to help you and your mates conquer the concrete jungle we’ve created a go-to list of some of the UK's top outdoor dining spots. 

Gather a small crew and head out to  support local businesses. Each spot has something different to offer so you are guaranteed to find something for everyone. 

A Londoners breakfast with great coffee, what more could you want? Based in Greenwich Maze Hill, Blackeyelondon has an open garden for you to enjoy coffee, pastries, breakfast, sandwiches and lunch.


This is the spot to be! Located right by the water, you are guaranteed a great view and fresh air while you enjoy being out of your own four-walled fortress for your meal. Fort is known for serving up the best focaccia and toasties, as well as the option for a cheeky glass of wine or beer - you can’t go wrong. 


Origin Coffee
 Located in the idyllic fishing town of Porthleven and brewing up some of the best coffee, Harbour Head is the perfect place to sample Origin’s monthly single origin feature coffees and enjoy the beautiful maritime views. Since opening in 2004, their roasted coffee beans have been satisfying customers with the perfect blend of passion, periciosn, curiosity, and of course, caffeine. 


Over Under
Tables, chairs and sunshine are waiting for you down at Wandsworth and Earl’s Court. Roll on down and park up for a few minutes or more to enjoy their infamous butty… or  three. Over Under is known for their get-togethers, creative and cultural events and all day experiences. Serving up coffee and delicious food throughout the day and turning the space around into a bar for a few cocktails at night - there’s something for everyone.


Hidden Coffee
Pop on over to Camden to be served a hot cup of coffee to get you through the day. Whatever your coffee order, Hidden Coffee will be serving it all up bright and early from 7:30am. 


Carbon Kopi
Carbon Kopi’s coffee began in 2017 all the way over in New Zealand where the art of coffee was perfected, and has now been relocated in Hammersmith. To experience the perfected art of coffee, get out there and enjoy Carbon Kopi’s courtyard for a proper cafe experience or take it over to the beautiful local parks and green spaces - the perfect location for a cup of coffee and specialty baked good or savoury. 


Tommi’s Burger Joint
40 years and going strong. Tommi’s Burger Joint has been serving up delicious ‘old school burgers’ since 1981. Made with only the best ingredients, you can’t go wrong with a classic Tommi Burger. The rustic menu is filled with a range of options for whatever mood you’re in.


Tierra Verde
From fresh bread and fruits and veg to cakes and pastries, The Spanish Deli that will meet all your needs.  Located at Battersea, this is the spot for a peaceful afternoon tea for these longer evenings.


Y-oga Store
Cafe. Yoga. Plants. What more do you need for a wholesome, centering day? Enjoy an online yoga class with the Y-oga Store and head on down to Peckham for a garden oasis cafe experience with your mates. The sun's out and so is Y-oga Store, serving up iced coffees to make you feel like you’re on holiday.


Feel Good Club
The Feel Good Club is on a mission to make you feel good, and they’re doing a very good job of it. Join the Club for a daily dose of goodness as well as something tasty from their menu. Serving up avocado toast, breakfast brioche roll or a kale and cheese toastie plus so much more - don’t miss out. 



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