Get to know... Little Fitzroy

Get to know... Little Fitzroy

 We caught up with Cathryn, the owner of the multi-roastery coffee shop, Little Fitzroy. Situated in the buzzing port district Leith, home to creatives, longtime locals and speciality coffee drinkers alike. Little Fitzroy is leading the way in making a positive sustainable impact, whether that’s through their glass bottle rebate scheme, supplier selection, menu design and packaging supplier. 

More so than ever does community and collaboration play a huge part in the hospitality industry, and what better way to encourage locals to support locals, than for everyone to get to know each other a little better. 

Hey Cathryn, could you give us an overview of your spot Little Fitzroy? 

Little Fitzroy is a multi-roastery coffee shop, where we have the privilege of showing off some of Scotland's (and some special British) best roasters. With an aim to provide the expertise and service style of the Melbourne coffee shops I grew up around - giving a relaxed and knowledgeable approach to a good cup of coffee - no matter how you like it. We try to source our produce and beans locally and sustainability - this means we get to work with many smaller producers, businesses, individuals and roasteries. It's a pretty sweet deal.

How would you describe Little Fitzroy in three words?

No Bacon Rolls

Haha! Ok, so what would be your most popular drink on the menu? 

Oat Flat White. Our espresso changes so frequently that you never know what sort of flavours you'll get. Proud to use Minor Figures Oat M*lk. 

Ohh yeah that’s a goodie. On your time off, what's your favourite local to support? 

Oh far too many to pick one - Alby's Big Hot Sandwiches, Cornelius Beer and Wine, Twelve Triangles Bakery, Typewronger Bookshop... We're too lucky in Leith. 

What inspires you in the sustainability space?

Sustainability, on the face of it, seems easy. We figure if you can take simple steps to encourage less environmental impact - why wouldn't you? It's the same with our Vegan and Vegetarian Menu - if it can be done without using animal products - then go for it. 

Sourcing local means we support our immediate community, but also that we don't unnecessarily contribute to consumption and the waste economy. We were stoked when we launched a reusable glass bottle system - were juices and cold brew could be purchased and returned for a discount off the next purchase - that we just dived headfirst into a reusable canister system for coffee beans from many of our roasteries. The support and uptake of these programmes, by our customers, has been super swell. 

When it comes to single-use packaging; we're really happy to have plant-based cups, cutlery, containers, etc; from a company with such a transparent and sustainable ethos. We're delighted to work alongside Decent to make sustainability a simple choice for consumers. 

 Little Fitzroy
46 Easter Rd, Edinburgh
Mon-Fri 7am - 5pm, Sat-Sun 8am - 5pm

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