Get to know Coffee house 607

Get to know Coffee house 607

Since brothers, Jonny & Josh opened Coffee House 607 back in January 2018, the plan was to bring great coffee to the community and have been welcomed with open arms.

Their mission is to ensure the highest standards in everything that we serve to you. From the carefully selected coffee to their Filthy Baps. They value Taste, Quality, The Environment and their community.

We were lucky enough to chat with the brother duo Jonny & Josh to talk about all things about being a brother duo, their Filthy baps and more. 

Hi Jonny & Josh. Thanks for chatting with me. Firstly, can you please tell me about Coffee House 607 and how it started?

Once our dreams of being professional footballers ended before they started we always wanted to run our business. We love coffee and the community aspect of having a cafe so it was an obvious choice. We love seeing the same faces everyday, and getting to know them. Making them coffee is a bonus.

It’s awesome that you’re a brother duo! What are your favourite things about working together?

Spending time with each other. Working together means we haven’t had to grow up. We still have fun, make each other laugh, wind each other up. We are like 10 year old kids who just happen to have a strange very detailed knowledge of coffee beans. 

Your food all looks incredible! Filthy baps? Yes, please! What’s your current favourite menu item? 

It’s gotta be our sausage bap. Without wanting to sound too pretentious, we have pride in our food, we test, test, test again before putting something on a menu. So it gives us our real pride when people come back and tell us how much they love it. 

We’re stoked you use decent packaging. What made you decide to use our compostable packaging? 

When you start your own business you can set your own values and culture. From the beginning we wanted to make sure we were doing our bit for sustainability and climate change. So with your packaging being made out of paper and can be compostable you values met our own and it was a perfect match. 

In fact on our very first day at 5:30am someone poked they’re head in and suggested that we should use environmentally friendly packaging, luckily we told her that we are already! We never saw her again. So she must have disliked our faces because she loved our cups! 

What is your favourite/ go-to decent packaging hot cup colour currently?

Our favourite has gotta be the red 6oZ cup, as its the same colour of the Arsenal, our local and favourite football team, and coincidentally (or not) filthy baps


Coffee House 607

607 Holloway Road

Upper Holloway

N19 4DJ


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